Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Taylor Associates was formed when Lisa Taylor Vass was a member of the band MONEY. Their entertainment lawyers suggested they form a company, and Taylor Associates was born, with Lisa as it's President. Later, as the company grew, and came to include Megalomania and The London Circle Rep, Lisa became, and remains, CEO.

Who We Are

Taylor Associates is a company with offices in London, Frankfurt, and Texas. The "Associates" have joined as they worked with Lisa on various productions and projects around the world. "Creativity and Experience" is our catch phrase for a reason. We have a highly experienced and creative staff who constantly think outside the box in order to produce outstanding and entertaining  productions.We also consult with theaters and artistic companies in order to help them make their ideas and projects happen, large and small. Got an idea? Need help? Call or email us today!